What To Expect When Getting A Fence

If you want a fence built, then you want to contact the fencing company of your choosing. Once you have contacted the fence company, you will be one step closer to having your fence built. You can learn all about the process of getting the fence built here, so you will know what steps will be taken and what things you should expect. You will also learn some tips to make things go smoother: 

Discuss your fencing needs

You will decide the specifics of your fencing with the fencing company. This includes deciding on the exact type of fencing you want, deciding on any customizations you want, deciding on the gate you want, and discussing anything else related to your fence that you are going to want. 

Get your estimate

The fencing company will have an estimator come to your home to give you an estimate. They will come up with the estimate after they have taken a look around the outside of your home and determined the amount of fencing that will be needed to complete the job and confirm things like the type of fence you want and other features. In order to measure the amount of fencing you need, the estimator will walk the length of what will be the fence with a measuring device that gets wheeled along or they may use a long tape measure. 

Wait for your fence to be ready

The amount of time you wait for your fence to be installed will depend on many factors, including any extra customization options you choose and how long it will take to have them manufactured. The company should give you a date of when they expect to be ready to come out and install the fence. 

Prepare for the installation

Before the fence builders come to put up your fence, you are going to want to make sure that you have everything ready. This means removing any vehicles or other equipment from the areas the builders are going to need to have clear and that they will need to have access to. You should also have a plan to contain your pets so they won't be able to go near the builders. The installation may be done in two phases. In the first phase, the posts will be installed. In the second phase, the rest of the fence will be completely installed around your property.