Installing Your Own Fence This Winter? Consider These 3 Things

Do you want to install a fence around your yard this winter and think that you can do it on your own? If so, be aware of the following things about installing a fence at this time of year. 

Where You're Located

If you live in the southern parts of the county, winter is always going to be a fine time to build a fence. The weather doesn't get cold enough where it causes a problem, and you can typically proceed as normal. However, the northern parts of the country can get quite cold. While this doesn't mean that you can't build a fence in the winter, it does bring up its own unique set of concerns that you'll have to deal with.

What Equipment Will You Use?

Another thing to consider is that you are definitely going to need more than your standard equipment when you build a fence in the winter. In fact, you may struggle to do it on your own if they think you can use the standard equipment that is used during the summer. For example, the post hole digging equipment that you can rent at your local home improvement store may not be able to dig deep into the ground when it is frozen, making it impossible to get the fence posts deep enough for the installation. You may end up having to contact a professional fence contractor that has more powerful commercial equipment that can get the job done. 

In addition, think about what method you are going to use to install your fence. In the summer, it is quite easy to dig a post hole and set it into concrete. Unfortunately, winter weather is going to make it much harder to use concrete. This means that you'll need to change the method that you will be installing the posts, which includes using machinery that will drive the fence post into the frozen ground. Once again, this all comes down to the equipment being used.

How Fast Do You Need To Build The Fence? 

Know that the big advantage of building a fence in the winter is that it is going to be easier to acquire the specific building materials you need to get the job done. There is going to be less competition for material, which means you'll be able to order it and have it arrive much faster than it would arrive during the winter. Demand is also lower, so you can save money by paying less for fencing material that is typically cheaper during the winter.