How To Care For Your New Cedar Wood Fencing

If you're thinking of putting in a new fence, consider the benefits of cedar, since cedar has a long life and an attractive appearance. You may be wondering if cedar requires a lot of maintenance. Here's a look at how to maintain cedar wood fencing over the years. 

Stain The Fence

Cedar maintains its natural beauty when you stain the fence regularly. You might have to apply stain every few years, depending on your climate and weather conditions. A stain protects the fence from UV damage and rain. It keeps the fence from oxidizing and turning gray. Your fence will probably have a longer life and look much better if you apply stain throughout the life of the fence.

Wash The Fence

Since you don't have to apply stain every year, you may want to wash the fence at least once a year to get rid of dirt and mold. You can wash cedar with a hose and a mixture of gentle dish soap and oxygen bleach. This gives your fence a fresh appearance and gets rid of things like vines and mold that could eventually cause damage to the fence.

Keep Up With Repairs

Like any type of fencing, you may need to do occasional repairs to the fence, especially as it ages. This might include straightening the posts, replacing hinges, and repairing storm damage. Since most bugs don't like cedar, you shouldn't have too much problem with insect damage over the years.

While cedar can tolerate rain, it's best to point lawn sprinklers away from the fence so the planks aren't soaked with water every day, as that could lead to problems with mold and water damage that needs to be repaired.

Restore The Fence's Appearance

You might get lax with staining and washing the fence, and if you do, the fence will slowly turn a gray or dark color. This is due to oxidation, and the condition can be reversed by pressure washing the fence. Use a low setting so the wood isn't damaged while lifting off the surface oxidation. Once the fence has been restored to its natural color and beauty, apply a stain to keep the gray color at bay.

Caring for cedar wood fencing doesn't require any more work than caring for a traditional wood fence. It may even take less work since cedar is so durable. Any work that's required is worth it since a cedar fence adds a touch of beauty to your property that can't be matched with any other type of fencing material.