5 Things You’ll Need To Do Before Installing A Wrought-Iron Fence

If you want to put a fence up around your home, there are a few things that you are going to need to do first.

#1 Look Into Building Codes

First, you need to look into building codes for your area. If you live somewhere with a homeowner's association, they may have rules about where you can put a fence, what the fence can be made out of, and how tall the fence can be. You may even be required to get a special permit from the homeowner's association before you can build.

Even if you don't live somewhere with a homeowners association, there is still a really good chance that your city or township may have rules about fences. Many cities have rules about where you can put a fence, such as around your entire property or just your back yard. Other cities have rules about how tall a fence can be. Make sure that you look into building rules and codes; you don't want to pay for something that you are going to have to later remove.

#2 Contact Your Utility Company

Remember, your fence is not just above the ground. Holes will have to be dug for the posts for the fence to go into. Before you ever do digging around your property, you need to find out where the water, gas, and electrical lines are located. You don't want to cut a gas line or damage a water line when you are trying to put in a fence. If you damage it and you didn't ask your utilities for help, there is a good chance that you will be held responsible for fixing it. Don't add hassle to your project; plan ahead and know where you can and cannot dig.

#3 Look into Designs

Next, you are going to want to look into designs and styles. Not all wrought-iron fences look the same. You will get to choose how close together you want the fence posts to be: do you want them to be really tight, or are you going for a looser look? You will also get to choose what goes on top of the fence posts. With wrought-iron fences, you can get a little decorative, so look into all your options and choose a style that works with the rest of your home and your landscaping.

Determine and figure out where you want your gates to be. Make sure that your gates allow easy access for everyone. For example, if you have children and you want them to be able to open the gate, make sure the levers are at a level they can reach.

Before you install a wrought-iron fence, look into building rules and codes. Then, pick out a design that matches your home's style, and think carefully about where you want to install your gates.