Reasons To Build A Wood Fence Around Your Property

A wood fence surrounding your property has many benefits. Discover some of the benefits in building a wood fence around your property so you can discuss your fencing needs with your fencing contractor with knowledge as you go into this renovation project.

Wood fences add privacy

If privacy is your goal, then a wood fence is the material that will meet your needs best. Wood fences are designed with vertical panels that are built closely together to create a close-knit fencing design. You have the privacy you need to enjoy your yard without neighbors or vehicles passing by being able to look inside your property line.

Wood fences are secure

Installed professionally, wood fences are very secure. A wood fence is difficult to climb if you design the fence tall enough—refer to your city ordinances to see how tall a back or front yard fence can be—and is able to keep children and pets inside easily. Your wood fence should be built with the support beams and posts facing inward so the straight part of the fence faces neighboring houses.

Wood fences are attractive

Wood fences can be designed out of nearly any type of wood, but the most common styles are cedar or redwood. Cedar and redwood materials are naturally beautiful and can be stained in a clear stain to let the natural hues and grains shine. Or you can have your fence stained in nearly any color you want, including a near black, to give your fence even greater unique appeal and attraction.

You can also paint a wood fence, which not only allows you to customize the way your fence looks but also gives you the added benefit of being able to match your yard's fence with the rest of your home's exterior. When painting your fence, keep your home's overall design in mind and choose a hue that matches the landscape or other attractive home features. Common fencing colors include:

  • Red
  • White
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Hunter green

When painting your fence, choose the same hue for the entire fence, both sides, so your fence is not only attractive but also uniform in its appeal. You can change your fence's paint color or even go back to its original state by having your fencing contractor attend to your fence.

With regular care and a little maintenance, expect your wood fence to last for many years. Always have a wood fence installed by a professional fencing expert like those with Rainier Fencing & Decking.