The Right Fencing For Your Garden

As a gardener, spring and summer are probably your favorite seasons. You get to put your hands in the earth and plant some of your favorite foods. Of course, your favorite foods are often loved by various members of the animal kingdom. To protect your garden, you need to fence it, but the type of fencing you choose will depend on the animals who are raiding your garden.

Identifying Intruders

Some of the most common garden marauders include deer, rabbits, squirrels,  gophers, and skunks. Because each animal poses its own challenges, you will need to determine which pests are feeding in your particular garden. You can do so by checking for tracks, "scat" (animal excrement), and toothmarks. You can compare the evidence you locate to pictures on the internet. You can also consult with your local agricultural extension office for help in identifying area pests. Once you have a good idea of the critters you are battling, you can choose the type of fencing that you need. 


If you live in an area with many deer, you will need to construct a tall and sturdy fence. Experts recommend that you install a closed fence because deer will not fight as hard to breach the fence if they cannot see what is in the garden. Your deer fence needs to be approximately eight to ten feet tall with a 45-degree angle at the top aimed outward. Surprisingly, deer can actually crawl underneath fences that are not snug to the ground, so you need to make sure they are secure at the bottom as well. 


Rabbits are both stubborn and ravenous. Nothing tempts them more than the delicious green shoots in your growing garden. You can employ several methods for keeping them out of your plants. Simple chicken wire stretched around the garden can deter these pests. The mesh should be no larger than one inch. You also need to make the fence at least two feet high with the bottom buried between three to six inches deep with the bottom wire bent outward. 

For help with all pests, consult with your local fencing contractor like Hunt's Fencing. They will know the right type of fencing to keep out the type of animal that is feasting on your vegetables. If you have a garden each year, you may want to consider enclosing your entire yard. That way, you will get privacy and protection from both animals and humans who might encroach on your property.