4 Ways You Can Customize Your Wood Fencing

When selecting a fencing material for your home, you can't go wrong with using wood. The material is available in many colors and styles, and you'll be able to find one that works great for your home. There are also many customizations that you can do to the wood to make your fence really stand out. These 4 techniques can really alter how a wood fence looks.

Create Cut-Outs In The Wood

For fences made out of solid wood, you can create cut-out designs in the fencing to make it look more decorative. Keep in mind that this will detract from the privacy that a fence provides, since the cut-outs create a way for others to look in.

You can cut a shape, like a circle, into each board at the very top. It makes the fence look different and will create an interesting shadow on the ground when the light passes through it. You can also cut out a letter shape that matches your last name. This may work best if you last name starts with a letter that is symmetrical so it looks the same on both sides of the fence.

Alternate Fence Board Colors While it is common to stain a fence a single color, you can change up the look of the fence by staining each board an alternate color. By using darker or lighter stains with slight variations to them, it will create a unique look that others will notice. This technique will work best if the colors have similar tones, since mixing stains with yellow and red tints could look ugly.

Stencil A Pattern On The Boards

Fencing can be decorative in a classy way with a little bit of work. Stencils are a great way to add design to a fence without needing to be the best artist. By having ivy drawn onto your fence board, it will be sure to make your fence look unique compared to your neighbor's fence.

Install Planter Boxes

An easy upgrade you can do is install flower planter boxes directly to the fence. It can add some color to the fence when the flowers grow in and will keep the planters off the ground. The look will be very modern and clean with a straight row of planters across the length or placing them at staggered heights for a varied look.

For more ideas on how to customize your wood fencing, speak to a fencing contractor in your area.