Dog Friendly Vinyl Fencing Tips

Are you considering a vinyl fence because you like how it mimics the look of wood but doesn't require any maintenance? If you're a dog owner, there are a few considerations to keep in mind to make sure your yard remains secure for your dog and the fence doesn't suffer any damage from your pet. The following tips can help you install a better fence.

Tip #1: Prevent under fence escapes

Vinyl fences usually come in pre-designed panels, which are simply attached to the support posts. This makes installation a breeze but it also can limit customization when it comes to board length. If you have uneven ground to traverse, you may end up with spaces beneath the fence that your dog can squeeze through. There are a couple of options for preventing this issue, other than having a custom fence made. The first method is the simplest – attach an additional board, either wood or vinyl, along the bottom of the fence to seal the gap. The other option is to fill in the gap with soil, gravel, or a concrete curb.

Tip #2: Stop jumpers from getting over the top

You may have the opposite problem if your dog is a jumper. If your pup can leap over a 6-foot-tall fence, then you will need to get more creative with confinement. Raising the fence can be an option by adding a decorative panel to the top of a 6-foot fence. Another option is to install coyote rollers. These are vinyl pipes that are strung on thinner pipes along the top of the fence. When your dog jumps up and tries to pull himself over, the outer pipes roll so he can't get a grip and slips back down into the yard.

Tip #3: Add a viewing bubble

Maybe anxiety and barking is your pup's trouble. Many vinyl fences create a full barrier. This is different than wooden fences, where a dog can peek between the pickets to see what is happening on the other side. Being able to hear noises from the other side of the fence but not see them causes some dogs to bark or experience anxiety. Fortunately, fence manufacturers have developed a solution – the viewing bubble. You can purchase panels that have a small bubble window installed near ground level so your dog can peek out.

Contact a fencing company in your area today to begin planning your dog-friendly vinyl fence.