The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing is an extremely luxurious fencing option that provides your home with a classical aesthetic that cannot be matched by other types of fencing materials. Due to its distinctive qualities as a material, wrought iron fencing carries with it a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding what a decorative wrought iron fence has to offer your home can help you decide if it is the right fit for your home.

The Advantages of Wrought Iron Fencing

  • Strength: Wrought iron is an extremely strong and durable material, which means that it will hold up to physical damage very well. This can be a serious advantage in areas that receive extreme weather throughout the year, as wrought iron fencing will be able to stand up to whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at it without bending, denting, or falling over, like lighter, less durable types of fencing material will.
  • Aesthetic: Wrought iron fences provide a classic and elegant look to your home. They are a symbol of wealth, and can be a great asset to a front or back yard. Additionally, wrought iron fencing is usually custom made, which means that you can design your fence however you'd like, providing a unique look to your yard that no one else will be able to reproduce.
  • Security: Due to their high material strength, and the fact that they are commonly topped with sharp ornamental spikes, wrought iron fencing works extremely well as a security fence. Both people and animals will be kept out by the sheer strength and design of a wrought iron fence, which allows you to feel secure in your yard.

The Disadvantages of Wrought Iron Fencing

  • Privacy: Unlike other types of fencing materials, wrought iron fencing is not made out of panels, which means that it does not work well as a privacy fence. People will be able to see into your yard with a wrought iron fence. However, this also means that a wrought iron fence will not obstruct your view, which can be a benefit for waterfront houses.
  • Price: As it is a symbol of wealth, wrought iron fencing carries with it a high price tag, which makes it less than ideal for homeowners operating under a tight budget.
  • Maintenance: Wrought iron fencing will need to be recoated and repainted every so often to protect it from rust. This represents a long run time and financial commitment, as wrought iron fencing can rust due to weather exposure, which can ruin the aesthetic and structural stability of your fence.

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