The Four Main Functions Of A Silt Fence

Silt fencing is a type of fence that is made out of synthetic materials that allow water to filter through the fence but will block most materials and debris carried by the water. Silt fencing's unique feature as a filter means that it is well suited to a number of unique applications that other types of fences are not capable of doing. Understanding the four main functions of a silt fence can help you decide whether or not it is the right fit for your needs.

Prevent Erosion

The main purpose of a silt fence is to prevent erosion. Since water can flow through a silt fence, but dirt and clay cannot, it can be used to stop the flow of topsoil away from a certain area. The collected dirt will need to be picked up and redistributed in the areas that it is needed. Additionally, on hills or areas where water flow is particularly heavy, silt fences can installed at the top to slow down the flow of water, reducing the severity of erosion.


In construction zones, silt fencing can prevent the contaminants on the site from escaping into local waterways or environments. This works best when burying the silt fence halfway in the ground around the edge of the site, where it can block any chemicals or runoff from escaping. This makes cleanup much easier once the job is done, and will prevent any environmental damage from occurring while you are working.

Water Control

Silt fencing can be used to direct or alter the flow of a body of running water. Depending on the grade of silt fence, more or less water will be allowed to flow through the fence. This means that silt fences can be used to temporarily redirect a stream, or to reduce the amount of water flowing down a particular waterway while work is being done.

Building a Hill

In order to quickly and easily build a slope in a particularly rainy area, a series of silt fences can be used. By installing several fences in parallel lines along an already existing hill, any dirt that is washed away by the rain will be collected by the fences. Over time, this will prevent the hill from eroding away, and will allow for you to build up the hill without having to worry about your work washing away in periods of heavy rainfall.

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